Office hours

Finals Week Spring 2015

  1. We will not meet as a class.
  2. The final Formal Analysis should be submitted by 7:50 pm on W 6/10 following assignment instructions.
  3. Blogging for Week 10 continues through T 6/9.
  4. For work to count towards your final grade in Spring 2015, it will need to be submitted by 5:00 pm on F 6/12. No extensions will be granted for after that time and date.
  5. I will post Finals Week office hours by the end of this week.

Finals Week

  • We will not meet as a class.
  • I will have new office hours for Finals Week. Please check my homepage for details. I will have the days and times posted by the end of this week.
  • The third essay is due by the end of the day (11:59 pm) on W 6/11. However, you may submit your assignment starting on M 6/9 (but not before). See essay instructions for additional details.
  • You will have until the end of the day on W 6/11 to arrange an extension for full credit.
  • The Frame Analysis for The Bling Ring is due following the normal schedule for that assignment.
  • Blogging for week 10 continues through T 6/10.
  • To count towards your grade in Spring 2014, work must be in by 5:00 pm on F 6/13.

Finals Week information

  • My finals week office hours will be posted to my faculty homepage by Thursday (6/6) afternoon.
  • Blogging continues until 11:59 pm on T 6/11.
  • Film Analyses for Broken Flowers due following the normal schedule, as are the Film Notes for Jim Jarmusch.
  • See the Calendar and the instructions for the final essay for information about other assignments due during Finals Week.
  • The deadline for any and all work for Spring 2013 is 5:00 pm on F 6/14. Work submitted after that deadline will not be counted towards a regular letter grade for this term.
  • Please note that I will be away at a conference June 12-15. I will still be available via e-mail during this time and will be on campus M 6/17.
  • We will not meet as a class during finals week.